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The Others by Estee and Harmony
This site is dedicated to the "other" Young Americans: Kate Bosworth, Rodney Scott, Mark Famiglietti, Matt Czuchry and Charlie Hunnam. It's an archive of info, pictures and interviews. And, as you can see, it's maintained by your favorite New Beginnings authors :)
Suburbians Online by Cate
You've heard of jahammers, rainbowers and townies, right? Well, this is the new generation of Young Americans couple shippers... the Suburbians. The first New Beginnings shipper classification, the term 'suburbian' refers to anybody who is a Jill/Scout shipper.
Ian Then Some by Debi
This site is dedicated to Ian Somerhalder and is the most comprehensive Ian site out there. It's got everything you could ever need or want to know about this ex-model turned...Hamilton...turned film actor. There's also a great fan fiction section of the site that features Debi'a Dear Diary and Hamilton's Journal and several stories by Camisha.
Nicky's YA Episodes by Nicky and Lauren
This site has a similar purpose to New Beginnings, but carries out that purpose in a slightly different style. The site is designed and managed by Lauren and the fic is written by Nicky.
Required Reading by Courtney
Though it's not being updated regularly, this site is a comprehensive archive of Young Americans fan fiction. It's catalogued by both author and category and it easy to navigate.
The Stories of Us by Nelle
Updated regularly, this site is another archive of Young Americans fanfiction. It's maintained by Nelle and hosted on her Kate and Ian site.
Fan Fiction by Fan Forum
This is the fan fiction message board at Fan Forum. Fan fiction of all types is discussed here including Young Americans and New Beginnings.