Yes, they keep moving around, but we figured if we do it this way, you can download them and most everyone should be able to watch them. Except, we need someone to host them. Any offers? Email us.
Junior Year Opening Credits
These are the credits to the Junior Year. We've edited them since they originally premiered and added some actual footage of "Gwen," "Meagan," and "Johanna." The song playing is "Waiting" by Greenday. It's really an awesome song and it fits well with Will's present mood.
Open Up
Watch a trailer for the upcoming New Beginnings special: Open Up. It stars Ben Crowley and Emily Van Camp as John and Sarah. I know there's a lot of question as to how this relates to Young Americans or New Beginnings, but it truly does :) This trailer uses a clip from the TV show Glory Days to establish a certain chemistry for Sarah and John.
Red Hot YA Scene
Check out that infamous scene from Will Bella Scout Her Mom?. Basically, they're just chatting about when they were little. Or, if you're a townie, they're talking about how hot they are for each other. If you're a jahammer, there's a little action in the backseat too :)
Remix of Ian on Passengers
Watch a remix of Ian's appearance on the UK television show Passengers. He might be "super-fit and lean," but this hunk'a got heart ;) Actually, he had some really thoughtful stuff to say so I figured why not splice it all together with some music from the kickass movie Amelie.
Ian on Now and Again
Though it was a brief appearance, it's worth watching. Ian guest stars as "Brian" a reporter for the school newspaper. The girl he is interviewing got struck by lightning or abducted by aliens...something like that ;) Anyway, it's Ian and he's cute, so check it.
Undeclared: "I'm Lloyd."
Lloyd. Charlie Hunnam pulls off that blonde, British playboy part so well. In this scene, Lloyd has actually developed some genuine feelings for a girl, but several things have gotten in the way: Theo the annoying high school kid, Nina the roommate/one night stand, and...that plaid sweater vest.
Undeclared: "Carmen!"
The Lloyd-isms are just great. I mean, why would Stevie boy ever listen to this guy? Lloyd is always giving bad advice, but so is pretty much everyone else on this show. Still, it's a terrific show :) In this scene, notice how American Lloyd sounds. Weird.
Undeclared: "He's so whipped."
Again, why would anyone listen to this guy? He's a maniac :) Still, he looks good doing it. Charlie does a good job with this character. He's a complete player, yet still so incredibly likable. How is that possible? Oh,'s Charlie :)
Shell Commercial with "Grace"
Remember Grace? Well, she moved on to other projects. Really, no comment would probably be the best thing to say here. Anyway, I don't know if it's ever been confirmed that this is actually her, most likely is so check it out :)